Car servicing & tyres


Book your car in today for a service using top quality parts delivered to us hourly at affordable prices. Tyres can be repaired or supplied, fitted and aligned also at competitive prices.

Regular car servicing maximises the value and lifespan of your car. Our technicians are experts in the latest techniques and use sophisticated equipment to give your the health check that it needs.

Our car servicing includes the following main checks and procedures:

  • oil change and check for leaks
  • radiator checks
  • timing belt check
  • under tray security checks
  • clutch and gearbox operation checks
  • brake, power steering and clutch¬†fluid checks
  • battery condition check
  • check of all vehicle lighting
  • shock absorber bounce¬†test
  • visual check of exhaust smoke
  • tyre condition checks
  • full check of braking system and operation

These are just some of the checks and maintenance that we perform but for full information, bring your vehicle to us or book in today.